I came to know about Dr. Shilu from one of my friend while discussing about my son who used to fall sick (cold, cough, fever) very frequently. Till that day on I have never given my son any allopathy medicine. The immunity course that Dr. Shilu prescribed made a huge difference. Within few weeks I could see a substantial difference. She also suggested what his diet should be and all. Dr. Shilu is very patient and is readily available whenever needed. I highly recommend Shiva Homoeo Clinic


Last year i was having lots of anxiety and depression issues due to some personal problems. I used to cry every time and everything seems to be out of place i was not able to help myself. I am thankful to Dr. Shilu and her medicines which worked miracle on me and helped me to look out life from different perspective. This doesn’t mean my personal problems were solved they are still there but i find myself stronger and composed now. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shilu for anybody facing mental health issues not only her medicine even she is a very lovely person and you feel yourself in safe hands.


My son was diagnosed with ASD, he was having trouble with speech and few behavior issues were there.After i started homoeopathy treatment with Dr. Shilu, it really helped him a lot. Earlier , we used to play with him , we even arranged speech therapy sessions for him , but not much improvement was there , but after we started the medicines , his picking power got increased , now he is ready to learn if we teach him something. Also his immunity got better so seasonal cold cough issues ended.


Thank you so much for assessing and providing the right medication. I went to Dr. Shilu for my daughter and now i am very happy that i took the right decision at right time. I am very happy with the results of medication and still continuing her treatment. Besides that i absolutely love her positivity and her confidence. The way she would ask you about the problem and counsel you, for sure you will leave the clinic with peace of mind. She is very compassionate along with been true professional. Wish you a very good luck for your future.


Being an overseas patient, it’s something we don’t find back home- “service” I have been suffering from Myasthenia Gravis and was completely broken down due to the deteriorating condition of myself. I tried all the allopathic treatment which were available but didn’t get any relief. I lost hopes and this was breaking me down emotionally. After visiting you, I found myself back with a new hope and fighting spirit to be healthy and physical fit again. You made me feel good and was a great encouragement to me. During the counseling you guided me through all questions and concerns. Taking treatment for six months has given me a complete recovery from my suffering and got my life back on track. I couldn’t find enough words to thanks you for being a savior. My heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Shilu and wish you all the best. The service that I got here was not possible anywhere else in the world. May God give you courage and strength to always keep up the good work that you are doing.


I have fissures from last 8 months and i took a lot of different treatment but my disease didn't recover. Then, my friend suggested me to Dr. Shilu Rankawat. Now my homoeopathic treatment is going from last 2 months and i have a lot of improvement in my recovery. My mother also has OCD disease and she has recovered a lot. Dr. Shilu is the best doctor i can suggest. Please visit her clinic for your health issue.


My son was declared nearly asthmatic when he was 3.5 years old. We had to give him an alopathic drug salbutamol three times a day so that he could breathe properly. For every change in season he use to catch severe cough and cold and difficulty in breathing. This had been going on from when he was one year old. Then one of my aquitances suggested me to take homeopathic treatment and suggested me of Shiva homeo clinic as homeopathic treatment had proved very effective against bronchital asthma.We started the treatment. It took 6-7 months but my son got cured completely after taking Dr. Shelu's treatment. Today my son is 9 years old and completely cured and has no signs of asthma and is enjoying like all kids of his age do. I stay in Pune and so even now whenever he needs her treatment , we call her up on phone, communicate with her and the needed homeopathic medicines are sent by ma'am to pune.


My name is Raghav and I was suffering from a mental disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder after I met with a deadly accident. I had almost lost my confidence and will to live life. I had severe symptoms of anxiety. Sleepless nights have made my life restless and fearful. I tried physiotherapies and counseling with physiatrist and they had nothing to offer me. Determined to help myself, I asked around about homoeopaths and Dr. Shilu Rankawat was recommended to me. Within two months of treatment life came back to normal. My symptoms relived and I resumed my medical education back. She has been very professional and caring a during any appointments. I feel I benefit greatly from any homoeopathic remedy that has been prescribed and would highly recommend Shiva Homoeo Clinic to the patients. I have great faith in both her and homoeopathy.”

Mr. Raghav

Tried everything, (all medical service) And damaged my liver too... Until Homoeopathy comes to rescue!!!!! A big Thanks to Dr. Shilu


I visited Dr. Shilu Rankawat with multiple complaints including Diabetes Tuberculosis and anxiety disorder. Which was enough to disturb my life. I have been taking insulin therapy for long to manage my diabetes and allopathic medicines for tuberculosis. These medicines of tuberculosis have given me severe side effects due to which I have lost a lot of weight and my condition was deteriorating day by day. I was doing what I had to but all the efforts were proven to be wasted until I found Dr. Shilu. I couldn’t believe that with one month of treatment I have recovered a lot and my symptoms of tuberculosis have significantly subsidized. I have gained healthy weight and my insulin doses are subsidized. I am feeling way better than before.Thank you for giving me hope and my well-being.


My daughter suffered from pneumonia in the very first year of birth and was later also diagnosed with rhinitis. Because of such medical history, she had bouts of asthma frequently and had a very low immunity, which in turn was hindering her growth and development. I took Dr. Shilu Rankawat’s treatment for her at a friend’s advice 5years back for 6 months. It worked wonders for my child. The rhinitis is completely cured and her immunity has improved so much that the episodes of asthma n frequent doctor visits are a thing of past. Can’t thank you enough for making our lives so relaxed and normal Dr. Shilu Rankawat.


My name is Rakesh and I have been suffering from kidney stone from quite long. I got operated for it and still was unable to get relief from the pain and discomfort caused. I lost my appetite and was feeling extremely weak that I couldn’t resume my normal life back even after trying all the possible ways of treatment from natural remedies to allopathic medicines and operation at the end. After one-month post-operative I was diagnosed with multiple stone in my kidney which made me sicker and worsen my condition. Fortunately, I found Dr. Shilu’s reference and visited her for my problem. She has ensured me for my recovery and started my treatment. With 3 month of treatment all my stones have been removed and my appetite has come back to normal. I am feeling extremely grateful to her for her treatment. Thank you


I have been suffering from Psoriasis for quite long years which has given me spots all over my body and face and drown my confidence low. After trying a lot of treatments in Allopathy, Ayurveda and other conventional treatments which have provided me with no notable benefits except for some side effects. I found myself to be staying with this problem forever. I found Dr. Shilu’s reference from one of her patients and visited her at Shiva Homoeo Clinic. I have been taking medication for Psoriasis as directed by her and it has been working wonderfully. My foot, ankle, calf & thigh have either completely cleared or spots have almost gone now with no more scaly skin.


My daughter was suffering from multiple health conditions including diabetes, epilepsy and slow mental growth since she was one year old. I had started homoeopathic treatment for her with Dr. Shilu because I was not getting any real relief with allopathic treatment which I was taking since 10 long years for these problems. After taking homoeopathic treatment about 10 months, there has been significant improvement in her health in all the problems. she is now going to the normal school instead of special school. she doesn’t have epilepsy attacks and her sugar level has come down to normal. I am glad that I found a right homoeopathic practitioner Dr. Shilu, at the very right moment to help me. Thanks Dr. Shilu and Shiva Homoeo Clinic!


I am so grateful to you for your treatment and medical guidance over the life-threatening disease “Breast cancer”. My mother was suffering badly with it at the last stage of this deadly disease. She was in so much pain with bleeding breasts, ulcers, and maggots. Where all the expert doctors of the nation have refused to take charge of her case, fortunately we have found your reference and consulted you with no hopes. Your guidance and counseling gave confidence and hopes to go ahead with this. After your treatment, she has improved a lot. She has no pain and bleeding.

Ms. Simmi

At first I was really worried to consult doctor after losing hopes from many specialist over my child who was suffering from epilepsy but Dr. Shilu has given me the confidence to give it a try once with Homoeopathic treatment for my daughter's epilepsy. My daughter has completely recovered from epilepsy in a year of treatment.I would like to express my deepest appreciation to her for creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for the patients.


I was anxious to see any other doctor after failure of my IVF. Dr. Shilu has given me the confidence to give it a try once with Homoeopathic treatment for my infertility.I have conceived with a baby within 3 months of treatment. The respect and politeness she always treated me with led to my trust and confidence in her. She taught me how to have hope and faith. And, I would like to encourage those women who are stressed by their inability to have a baby: Don't be stressed! Just visit Dr. Shilu Rankawat at Shiva Homoeo Clinic, and she will take care of your dreams!


Just want to say thank you so much to a wonderful compassionate doctor, Dr. Shilu Rankawat. You have a heart of gold and are the true meaning of what a doctor is supposed to be for the patient. As the whole world is fighting with this pandemic COVID-19, your treatment proved a miracle.Thank you for treating me and my family from this Corona. I was tested corona positive and have high fever , body pain, breathing problem and throat pain but after taking homeopathic medicines from Dr. Shilu without any other treatment, I tested negative. I'm totally fine now.


My 4-year baby boy was suffering from acute attack of vasculitis. The case was more difficult as my son was already under treatment of a rare disease IgM Neuropathy Nephrotic Syndrome. We consulted Dr.Shilu for his complaints.He was in critical condition and needed an urgent medication for that problem. The problem was life threatening. After Shiva Homoeo Clinic Prescription according to his symptoms. The results came so far was a miracle to us.We are thankful to the Dr.Shilu.


We took Homeopathy treatment for my Grand father who is really old and was suffering from Covid- 19. And with only of it’s few dozes it worked wonders. There was good amount of healing and he recovered.