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Constitutional Approach

Homoeopathic approach of treating the patients is different to other conventional mode of treatment. The homoeopathic treatment is based on the constitutional approach i.e. it includes all the peculiar symptoms of the individual at the physical and the mental sphere such as:

  • His feelings
  • His emotions
  • His behaviour
  • His personality and
  • The psychological set up of the individual
  • Each and every symptom appearing throughout the body

These details when comprehended will depict the totality of an individual patient. Homoeopathy does not treat one isolated symptom but it looks at the person as a whole including his past and present symptoms.

For e.g. if you are suffering from common cold and also some skin disease homoeopathic physician may not give you different medicines for your cold and the skin disease but instead he will give you one medicine which will not only cover both the symptoms but also will suit your personality, temperament and mental state.


The treatment is individualized

No two individuals are same; neither their body posture, nor their behaviour is same and they respond differently to the same stimulus. Even the monozygotic twins do not react in the same way.

Just take another example, one person may enjoy listening to music, other may start dancing with the music, whereas third person may get irritated and angry with the music, may experience the sweet melodious music as noise.