Dr Shilu Rankawat

BHMS, MA Psych

Dr. Shilu Rankawat is one of the renowned Homoeopathic doctors of Udaipur who has earned a name as one of the best Homoeopath in the city. With the practice of classical approach in homoeopathy she has been serving mankind over the years.

She is well qualified and experienced in treating native and overseas patients from many years and holds a great record of treating international patients on various diseases. Her expertise in every segment of health and her multidimensional approach to treat each patient with individualized treatment plan has got her a great popularity internationally and nationally.

Dr. Shilu Rankawat did her Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Swathya kalyan homoeopathic college, Jaipur Thereafter, she underwent training in various aspects of Homoeopathy under Dr L.C Sharma who is a renowned name in the field of homoeopathy. She earned a Master’s degree in Pshycology Afterwards.

Over 13 years of experience, Dr. Shilu understands and treats patients in a unique way. She has cured many diseases successfully in her Shiva Homoeo Clinic. She has initiated her practice in 2008 and progressed herself to be an expert in assessing patient’s health by documenting complete case history, test reports and prescriptions to be used during the course of the treatment.

She has a vast experience in treatment of various diseases like cancer, Mental Disorders, Neurological Disorders, pediatrics etc.

She has specialized in women health and infertility issues, and she is a pioneer in treatment of various disorders in women.

Her excellent command and success over the treatment of life-threatening diseases cancer has given a bright side to her career.She has an uncommon strength of having a research base in his clinical environment. She is a hardcore researcher + clinician + teacher + promoter of homoeopathy