Dr Ravindra Shekhawat


Dr Ravindra Shekhawat is professionally very sound and has in-depth knowledge of clinical Medicine, Psychological Cases and drug de addiction. He has treated many complicated and difficult to diagnose Medical diseases.

Dr. Shekhawat is one of the well-known doctors in the field of homoeopathy who has the distinction of being one of the best homoeopath who is dealing with drug addiction of Rajasthan and the surrounding areas.

He is a pioneer in the state of Rajasthan in establishing the center for drug de addiction treatment and providing a full range of treatment for the patients with the help of homoeopathy and his team of expert doctors at Shiva Homoeo Clinic.  

Dr. Shekhawat has earned Master’s degree in homoeopathy. He is a nationally acclaimed physician, researcher, and teacher. Over the years he has conducted seminars and workshops nationally.

He has an uncommon strength of having a research base in his clinical environment. He is a hardcore researcher + clinician + teacher + promoter of homoeopathy.

Dr Shekhawat presents a modern and scientific face of homoeopathy. His huge practice supported by clinical research-based data, statistics, and scientific documentation, makes it unique in the homoeopathic world. He not only presents the ‘new face’ of modern homoeopathy; but also responsible for ‘new phase’ in homoeopathy.