Bhavika Singhvi

Dietician & Yoga Expert

Bhavika Singhvi holds a good command and experience as a Clinical Nutritionist and Diet Consultant. She is associated with Siva Homoeo Clinic as a Nutritionist and serving a great number of patients at different level . She has a great passion for Nutrition Science and has reached new heights in the field of health and nutrition. She did her Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. She is also a Certified Weight Management Specialist, Diet Consultant and Educator. She is also qualified in yoga. She is actively involved in both state and national wide symposiums, workshops and conventions on health, food safety, fitness, critical care and public health. Her expertise is in Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss, Pregnancy and lactation, Chronic Diseases: Cancer, Dialysis, GI disorders, Renal and Liver transplant, Lifestyle Diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Deficiency disorders: Anemia, Vit D and Calcium

Patient consultations and education / therapeutic scheduling of indicated or referred patients and In-patient counselling for Nutrition education – post operative care and preventive medicine have been her areas of work. she has conducted interactive sessions on health and wellness for Major Corporate Houses and Public-Sector Organizations. She Has been instrumental in developing and implementing weight loss programs leading to many successful weight loss stories. She has conducted workshops on Food Safety and Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition. She has delivered talks and educated people about healthy lifestyles and good nutrition, relevant to present day scenario.