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Homoeopathy: And lifestyle disorders

India over the past couple of years has seen an enormous rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, attributed to lifestyle changes adopted especially in urban India.

It had been observed that lifestyle diseases are prevalent in developed countries, and of late, India has fallen prey. In the modern world, people consume junk and processed food, lead a sedentary lifestyle and also acquire unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and poor sleeping patterns.

Common lifestyle diseases include heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, chronic liver disease, COPD, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis.

The risk of developing these diseases depends on various factors including the kind of work one does, the environment where the person lives, the kind of food consumed, amount of physical activity, and one’s susceptibility to stress.

“Lifestyle diseases” are an epidemic and “causes a much greater public health threat than any other epidemic”,

The term “lifestyle disease” by itself literally means a disease acquired depending on the lifestyle one leads.  This is encouraging in a way that if a person takes a step towards changing his /her lifestyle his/her disease burden can be greatly reduced but taking note that it has to be timely.

Homoeopathy is an important modality which can help lifestyle disorders and play a significant role in delaying the occurrence of lifestyle disorders and in management of these disorders.

Homoeopathy cures patients by medicines whose efficacy has been established by proving the efficacy of such medicines on healthy human beings. Homoeopathy treats patients through a holistic approach and considers individualistic characteristics of the person along with the disease symptoms.

The medicines are prescribed on symptom similarity of the drug and disease thus this needs a detailed interaction between the homeopath (Doctor) and the patient on the first consultation.

People who take constitutional homeopathic medicines which are given on basis of complete physical and mental makeup of the person significantly delay lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

This is especially significant in cases with a family history of hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes. Diagnosed cases of hypertension can be well managed with homeopathic remedies provided medicine is prescribed on the constitutional totality of the person and not specific disease-based symptoms, the reason being that homoeopathy is an individualistic based medical therapy where each patient is given a different remedy depending on his or her constitution.

Disorders like hypothyroidism, early diabetes, depression, mood disorders which are most common these days in urban areas can be controlled well with homoeopathy without any side effects or the fear of dependency to a drug.

The benefit of homoeopathy is that when a person takes the right remedy not only does the disease being targeted is cured, but the overall immunity of the person is also boosted and their tendency to any other disease they are susceptible to, also reduces.

Patients becomes less prone to diseases and infections and their stress management improves drastically, in the sense the triggers which increase the stress will no longer cause stress and people remain healthier and stress free.

Homeopathic medicines act at a much deeper level both at the physical and mental plane so as to bring a balance of the person’s physical and emotional health. Homoeopathy also gives good positive results when administered as an adjunct to conventional medicine or any other line of therapy in complicated or late stages of these diseases where conventional medicine doesn’t have the complete key.

Similarly, obesity also a major health concern in India is an issue which requires management at multiple levels, with homeopathic medicines combined with lifestyle changes, the basic metabolic rate of the body can be regulated and obesity kept at check.

People who opt for homeopathic treatment for a long term fall ill less often and over a period of time also become less prone to stress and feel healthier overall.

The earlier one starts on homoeopathy better are the results for the same. Children who grow on homoeopathy live much healthier lives. So, choosing homoeopathy as a treatment option is recommended for better health.

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