Effectiveness of homeopathic therapeutics in the management of childhood autism disorder

Autism is a medical disorder affecting children. It can be mostly diagnosed in the first 3 years of life. Autism affects the way a child relates and responds to his or her environment. It affects his interaction with other people and often delays certain developmental milestones like speech. It impacts their academic performance as well. It is often difficult for parents to spot the early symptoms of autism because they might be mistaken as just a developmental delay, which could be taken care of without medical intervention. However, autism is not just a developmental delay. It needs early intervention and treatment so that the child doesn’t suffer for a prolonged time due to his developmental disabilities.

Homoeopathy has shown some great results in treatment of autism in children. Behaviour modification through homeopathic medicines is possible and this fact has been well-documented. Research studies have estimated that homeopathic medicines bring about a positive change for a wide range of symptoms in autistic children. They also help in reducing child’s hyperactivity, irritability, or aggressive behavior.

usefulness of homoeopathic treatment in management of neuropsychological dysfunction in childhood autism disorder, which is reflected in significant reduction of hyperactivity, behavioral dysfunction, sensory impairment as well as communication difficulty.

Homeopathic medicine for autism is completely safe. Centuries of extensive practice, research, and trials have proven the safety of this gentle system of medicine, For both people and animals. Unlike some conventional drugs, homeopathic medicine for autism are non-addictive. Furthermore, they have no dangerous side-effects. It’s safe to use for babies, children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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